Progress to date?

Just having been at a very interesting presentation from CDF I’ve realised where this Blog has gone wrong so this is my attempt to rectify my errors.

At present the West Green Panel has five members – Councillor Tony Mallett, Councillor Eddie Griffith, David Singh, Odiri and myself.  I have the (debatable) position of chair which seems to include being secretary.  We lost two members early on – Councillor Rahman Khan and Chris Joannou whilst one possible member never showed up in the first place.

So far we’ve managed to get our act together and have funded a number of bids.  Two of them celebrated the Queen’s Jubilee with street parties, we contributed to a football training programme for young people, helped with funding for the Lordship Recreation Festival and last, but by no means least, helped a group called Creative Dance 60+ – their website can be found at and is well  worth a look.  There are two new applications awaiting approval from CDF – one for a lunch club and the other a dance and exercise group.

Community Cohesion, Older People and, to some extent, Young People have been the focus of our first two years.  We need more applications concerning the environment and, yes, more for young people in the next two years.  In my opinion sustainability will also have to be a watchword for any projects we fund, street parties and one-off events are great but I think its better to see our limited funds going to projects that will show a long term benefit to the community.

We’ll be starting the push to get new applications in at the next West Green and Bruce Grove Area Forum on the 28th of this month.  I’ve arranged space so that we can talk to people, explain what we’re about and what we can help with.  I hope this will really start  things moving.



About westgreencf

A panel of eght members set up to recommend funding opportunities for local organisations.
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