End of Term Report

31st of March is fast approaching so we’re arriving at the end of the financial year which means that we have now reached the end of Year 2. Taken together Years 1 and 2 have been quite successful and we’ve allocated all but £310 of our allocated sum – this can go to cover some of our costs for the next two years. The projects have ranged from Street Parties for the Queen’s Jubilee to Football Training for some of the local young people.
What next for the Panel? Firstly we have to wait to see if our Plan for Years 3 and 4 is approved. As this will probably not happen before May there’s plenty of time to ask people about the sort of things they would like to promote for the ward. We need to put more emphasis on activities for young people and the environment this next year so talking to Youth Groups and Friends of Parks will be helpful.
Whilst the amount of money we have to distribute is not large it can provide a seed fund to help to get things off the ground. A few hundred pounds with advice on other funding streams can lead to projects that have real sustainability and do a lot to make West Green a better place to live.


About westgreencf

A panel of eght members set up to recommend funding opportunities for local organisations.
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