westgreencf is a panel of individuals from the West Green Ward in the London Borough of Haringey.  We adjudicate on Bids from local residents’ associations and groups within the Ward who wish to receive funding for projects.  The money is sourced from the Community Development Foundation.  Projects are financed on a ‘Match Funding’ basis where the amount of time given voluntarily is off-set against the amount of money requested.

The Panel has five priority areas:-

1.   Community Cohesion.

2.   Youth Provision.

3.   Older Peoples’ Provision.

4. Community Safety.

5.   Environmental Engagement.

Bids for funding in any of these areas are welcome.  The time-scale for the Community Fund is four years and bids can be for a one-off project lasting  a matter of days or on-going for the whole period.


One Response to About

  1. James Straffon says:

    Can you give me some guidelines for submitting a proposal. I’m part of a group of residence around Turnpike Lane, who on the strength of the Sustrans work, are working toward realising an art project which involves commissioning an international artist (two in fact) to come and decorate an area around Langham Road/Place. Costs will involve hiring of scaffolding and some paint, surface filler. The project will be realised in June and July.



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