Thursday Meeting

A very successful meeting.  A good presentation from Creative Dance 60+ – they really are very enthusiastic and motivated.  We’ve decided that they are well worth backing so their proposal will be sent off to the Community Development Foundation with our blessing.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday, 10th October where we will be looking at a proposal from KORI and starting to develop our Plan for the next two years.  This will take some looking at as we need to get this right before submitting it to CDF.

As a start we’ve approached the West Green and Bruce Grove Area Chair to see if we can get some time to talk about the scheme at the next Area Forum.  If that doesn’t work there is a possibility that we could run a stall at the meeting – if permitted.

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‘New’ (Academic) Year – New Funding Proposals.

The Panel are having their first meeting of the ‘new’ year on Thursday, 20th September where we will be looking at a proposal from CD60+.  The Community Development Foundation (CDF) are now looking for a plan from the Panel to cover our activities for the next two years.  Whilst there is not the time to be able to discuss a plan in detail at this meeting  we will need to give it some very close attention over the next two months.  We also need to start to source new funding proposals and find at least one new member.  An interesting time!

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Just to finish off the Panel’s first year’s work – the following bids were recommended for funding to CDF.  There were two Jubilee Street Party bids – one from the Milton/Willow and West Green Road Community Association and the other from The Goan Community Centre.  The third bid was from Back to Earth for support for their Flower and Produce Show which forms part of the Lordship Rec Grand Opening Festival in September.  The fourth and final proposal came from Kickstart Consultancy to provide equipment and football training for children in the area.  Whilst we did not spend our full allocation of cash I think that the way it was distributed was as fair as possible.

We now need to start to consider how to allocate the funding for year two.  So far we have one proposal on the table which aims to promote health and fitness amongst the older members of the community through dance.  We will be discussing this at our next meeting which will be held in early September.

This year we need to take a fresh look at the way we go about things.  We have over £8k to distribute and I’d like to see it being spread as widely as possible.  To be able to do this we need to set some deadlines.  At present I’m looking at October 2012 and February 2013 to allow us to submit our proposals to CDF in November and March respectively.  I’ll try to get these dates posted on the Haringey Council website.

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Jubilee Party at Milton Road.

Hopefully I’ve managed to download the photos from this event.  Despite the rather poor weather all reports suggest that it went well.ImageImageImage

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Moving On.

Now that the Jubilee celebrations are over the Panel can now start to look at longer-term projects.  It was a shame that the weather on Sunday was not that great but I’m sure people enjoyed themselves.

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Proposals in the Air.

Having dealt with the first two proposals, and been assured by CDF that the bidders will get their money this week, we are now moving into phase two.  At the moment we have three new bids on the table.  One is really sustainable and, as long as we can overcome a few problems, will be well worth supporting.  The other two bids have a shorter life span (at the moment) but provide much needed cohesion.

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Bid No 3

The bids are starting to mount up – our third one arrived today.  Pleased to say that its for a much more sustainable project – one that could have lasting benefits for the community for years to come.

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