The West Green Ward of the London Borough of Haringey is mainly residential with commercial properties on the periphery. The bulk of the housing is of Victorian and Edwardian construction with newer properties on Broadwater Farm Estate, Ivatt Way and in the Milton Road, Willow Walk area. Many of the older properties have been converted into flats and, as a consequence, there is a significant transient population. This probably explains the population figure of 13,372 given for the 2011 census.

There are three major green spaces within the Ward – Lordship Recreation Ground, Downhills Park and Belmont Recreation Ground. In addition there is a smaller green space at Graham Road. A major environmental scheme was undertaken in the ward in 2011-12 with the implementation of a DiY Streets project in the Turnpike Lane/Langham Road area whilst Lordship Recreation Ground won substantial funding from the Mayor of London and the National Lottery Fund to carry out a programme of improvements – a scheme that is nearing completion.

Three Residents’ Associations facilitate contacts between local people and the council and other statutory bodies. They are Broadwater Farm Residents’ Association, Milton, Willow and West Green Road Residents’ Association and the West Green Residents’ Association itself. As well as the Residents’ Associations mentioned above there are three Friends of Parks groups in the ward. In addition there is a Community Centre for the Goan community and one for the Chinese community. Both of these have a Borough wide impact drawing users from across Haringey. Both Broadwater Farm and the Milton Road Estate have Community Centres, the management of which has been out-sourced, but remain available for meetings and other events. It can be seen from the above that the ward has a deep pool of active and involved residents to draw upon when projects are agreed.

Panel Membership.

The West Green Community First Panel was originally formed with eight members, three Ward Councillors and five lay members. Haringey Council’s Project Manager attends meetings in an ex-officio capacity as and where possible. In the intervening period since establishment, one Ward Councillor and two lay members have withdrawn fromn the Panel.

The current membership is:-
Councillor Antonia Mallett.
Councillor Eddie Griffith.
Odiri Ighamre.
Paul Bumstead.
David Singh.
The Panel is actively seeking to recruit one new lay member to facilitate the work to be undertaken during the next two years.

Panel Priorities.

The priorities for the West Green Panel were set at its first formal meeting and were structured in relation to the Area Plan which, following local consultation, had been drawn up for the West Green and Bruce Grove Area Committee. The Area Plan consultation was carried out through a number of open meetings which involved not only activists from the residents’ associations but also those residents who had a care for, and interest in, the neighbourhood.

The Five priority areas chosen were:-
Community Cohesion.
Community Safety.
Provision for Older People.
Youth Provision.
Projects chosen during the first two years of the Panel’s activity have reflected these priorities, some of them have covered more than one area.

A copy of the West Green and Bruce Grove Area Plan is attached and reflects the most recent updates.

Future Direction.

The Area Plan is a rolling programme and, therefore, the Panel need to be aware of changing priorities and/or emphasis as its own priorities will develop as the Area Plan changes. It is felt that, to date, insufficient attention has been focused on Youth Provision or the Environment, therefore, in the first few months, priority will be given to applications for projects covering these areas. Community Safety will also remain an important area, especially in light of changes to policing with a reduction in the Safer Neighbourhood Team provision. Community Cohesion and Provision for Older People will be combined into one priority area as there is an obvious link between them.


To date the Panel’s activities have been publicised mainly through word of mouth backed up by information on Haringey Council’s webpage for West Green Ward. Presentations have been given at the Area Forum and an information stand was provided at the most recent Forum (28th February). The Panel has a presence on WordPress under the title of ‘westgreencf’. This has generated a number of applications to the Community First Fund.

It is proposed that a Facebook page will be created and that Twitter will be used to promote the Panel’s work. Associated with a ‘new media’ presence, the more traditional channels of communication will be utilised with articles in the local press. It is intended to provide flyers for distribution at the Area Forum and through local groups and schools.

Consideration was given to the creation of an interactive web page – ie; citizen journalism. This was not carried forward for three reasons:-
Cost of creation and maintaining the page.
Time involved in maintaining the page.
Legal position of those involved – could the ‘owners’ of the site face legal action if that possibility arose.
The use of an ‘e-burst’ was attempted during the first year of activity but the results were disappointing in that it did not generate either inquiries or applications. It has been decided, therefore, that electronic communication be restricted to those media outlined above.

Members of the Panel will attend public meetings organised by community groups/associations to provide information about the Panel’s activities and to encourage new applications.


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